Of course for Valentine’s week I had to talk about love! This time love with a twist!

Any type of love, family love, friendships, even self love comes with a twist! If you know me,you know that I have always loved love.
There are a gazillion definitions of love and I almost just went back to
old Webster to see what he had to say, then I almost went to the bible and quoted some scriptures but, nah, I decided to just let your definition of love be your definition.

Today, I want to talk about three types of love, family, friends, and self love.

Family:  If you’ve been listening to the Let’s Talk Tuesdays you will see that I talk about my family A LOT!  It’s because I LOVE them!  With all of their faults, weirdness, quirks, and amazingness, they are mine and I love them.  When I started thinking about the platform of Creating Generational Mental Wealth, I started digging deep in the trenches of stuff covered by stuff and covered by more stuff, but despite all the stuff, love still was amidst.  I have many clients that feel guilty about loving their family through the stuff.  Your love can be shown as hands on or as far away as you need to be.  You can still love and set boundaries.  This goes for EVERY relationship! Love does not have to mean no boundaries or limits.

Friends:  Y’all I LOVE MY FRIENDS!! Ok, so as you can see I love!  I am just going to have to refer you back to the family section…cause my friends are my family. Period!

Self:  I love myself maybe more than my family or friends!  Some might say, I am selfish for that….my response: ok, thanks! The only way you get to a point of loving yourself is by doing some self reflection.  If you haven’t already, check out my last two blog posts to find a Take a Look at Your Self-reflection worksheet that will help you look at you.  Once you learn who you are and come to terms with the fact that learning who you are is a full time job, you will put some bass in your voice when you say “I love myself.”

There are so many things that can battle your ability to love. So often, it is your own thoughts and beliefs that are in the way.  Yes, it will take some practice but put those I AM statements to work! I have a little help for you with that one, too :-) (Hint, hint click the link)

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