This journal was written by a mental health therapist and her daughters for other mothers and daughters to share. End up with a shared chapter in the story of your lives to enjoy again and again!Start or reinforce a lifelong journaling habit. There are areas of the journal with dates and some without dates encouraging the journal to be used at any time and at any point in the book. Journal is written by a mother-daughter team stemming from an affirmation exercise that started on our drive to school one day. For daughters ages 9 and up, with their moms.8.5 x 11 inches100 pages.

This little journal is perfect for mindfulness. We have so many moments of love and light throughout the day and there’s nothing like a reminder of those moments. Journal consists of:- 204 pages- Morning Routine includes a section for positive affirmation, daily intentions, and section to express gratefulness- Evening Routine includes section on what went well today, things that made you happy, and things that you are proud of – Each page also includes a beautiful flower design that can be colored to reflect your mood each day.

This journal is definitely a blank slate to collect memories from long ago to the here and now. It’s lined pages allow for your creativity to expand from writing about your cycling adventures, to pasting pics of loved ones, or just doodling something that came to mind. It is the perfect size for home and to tote with you on all of your adventures! •6×9•120 pages•Matte Cover•Cream Paper•Perfect & Easy Carry

Looking for a tool to help you organize your quilting projects? And keep a personal diary of your quilting life?This quilting journal is literally a blank slate for you to create your quilting designs from start to finish documenting:- Project Name/Size- Quilt Pattern Used- Fabric Used (scraps, fabric collection, etc)- Unfinished Objections (UFOs)- Works in Progress (WiP)- Projected Start/Finish TimeThese are just a few ways to use this lined quilting journal not to mention it making a wonderful quilter for the quilter in your life!

SOUL CARE (SELF CARE) JOURNAL – WEEKLY SCHEDULE – POSITIVE THINKING – GOALS – HABIT TRACKERSelf care is all about taking care of your mind body and soul; all of you. At the end of each night, ask yourself “What do I need tonight?” This is a question that your soul hears…this journal gives you space to listen to your soul and give it what it needs. It’s time to start taking care of your soul and this soul journey is a great place to start!